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As a Certified Agent of the Air Cargo Security Program (ACS) in strict and proven compliance through Transport Canada, Fast Lane Transport is your go-to expert in maintaining the Secure Chain of safe transport to participating Screening facilities, and reliably delivering your Screened Cargo to the Edmonton International Airport (YEG). 

Safety and security is of the utmost priority to us for the traveling public at large and the airfreight transportation industry.

Fast Lane Transport exacts rigorous measures taken to ensure that your shipment maintains its secure status through verifiable chain-of-custody procedures from start to finish.

We meet and exceed ongoing oversight, inspection requirements, and enforcement activities in our participation within the Air Cargo Security Program.

Air Secure Cargo Canada | Edmonton, AB and Area | Fast Lane Transport Ltd.

Fast Lane Transport’s specialized Drivers go through stringent, rigid, and ongoing Training to uphold the Secure Supply Chain of cargo for every leg of ground movement, ensuring aviation security.

Air Secure Cargo Canada | Edmonton, AB and Area | Fast Lane Transport Ltd.

Our ACR (Authorized Cargo Representative) Drivers participating in the ACS program are screened and vetted by authoritative independent legal professionals who are highly experienced in the Air Cargo Security and participants of the ACS program, thoroughly assessed according to Transport Canada requirements.

Air Secure Cargo Canada | Edmonton, AB and Area | Fast Lane Transport Ltd.

From the point of our Driver’s arrival at your loading area to its destination for Secure Screening, and/or after verified Screening from your location for Delivery tendering to the Edmonton International Airport, the Secure chain of custody is maintained with precision.

You can be confident to entrust your freight in the hands of Fast Lane Transport for the highly safeguarded measures they have taken and undergone.

Having provided ongoing Air Cargo Security deliveries ensuring the secure-chain-of-cargo-movement for some of the world’s largest and highly esteemed corporations and multinationals, Fast Lane and their drivers are well-seasoned to provide smooth and flawless deliveries of your airfreight.

Regulations and mandates for Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program have changed. Effective February 1, 2021, all air freight boarding a plane – whether a Cargo Aircraft or Passenger Flight – must be screened in compliance with the ACS Program. This requires businesses that ship their products, goods, and freight by air become certified and trained participants within the ACS program.

Transport Canada has granted a lead-time extension to June 30, 2021 for businesses to become fully compliant with their new regulation requirements for your airfreight shipments.

If you are new to the Air Security Program, we can connect you into the hands of some of the leading professionals to help you with ease from start to finish to become a Certified partner in the ACS program.

Fast Lane Transport is your trusted and experienced Certified Agent partner to move your cargo by land between screening and the Edmonton International Airport (YEG).

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